What is Brush less Dc Motor?

What is Brush less Dc Motor? 

The Brush less Dc motor is a Dc motor that does not have Brush like a simple dc motor has s1, s2 carbon brush.

  1. The rotor which rotates in Brush less Dc motor has Permanent magnet on it.

  1.  This is the stator that contains coils.

  1.  Rotor rotates on stator.

Brush lees DC motor basic working:

Brush less Dc motor has two main parts, one with rotor and the other with Stator or Armature, Permanent magnets of high performance on Rotor. 

The coils in the stator act as an electromagnet when the current flows in these coils one by one and attracts a permanent magnet near the rotor. 

That is, one end of the electromagnet made due to the current flow attracts the Opposite tip of the Permanent magnet on the rotor.

The same process is done with the permanent magnet in all the coils and the rotor, it only attracts for some time and gives it to the next coil so that the rotor keeps rotating.

Brush less Dc motor  Efficiency :

The efficiency of the Brush less Dc motor is very high 85-90%. The credit for having such great efficiency is due to the material used in its design and fabrication, there is very less energy loss in the Brush less Dc motor because of rotating the armature rotor itself. This is why there is no need to brush so little friction is reduced by this. Permanent magnets of High Performance are fitted in Rotor, these things reduce the loss and make the efficiency bigger.

Brush less Dc motor having very high speed and Torque:

Brush less Dc motor has very high speed, so it is used to make Drons and Helicopter and use in a place where high speed and high torque is needed like in a mini racing car.

Brush less Dc motor losses:

Brush less Dc motor is much more expensive than simple Dc motor is about 10-20 times more expensive
A mini inverter, ie Electronic Speed ​​Controller (ESC) is needed to run the Brush less Dc motor, which makes it more expensive.
Even after connecting the Brush less Dc motor to the Direct electronic Speed ​​Controller (ESC), it cannot run from the battery, it requires a Pwm signal, for this, using Arduino uno or Servo controller or other device.

How and why to buy Brush less motor:

Brush less Dc motor is very good to use, it gives us high speed and high torque, it can be used in quad copter, drone and cycle or remote control car to give high speed.

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