CPU features and functions

CPU features and functions: 

(Hello!  Today in this post I describe the features of CPU (CPU Key Features) in Barren.  And if you find those functions in the task bar, turn them) 

CPU features: 

The CPU is the computer date.  This memory is information and is a process.  Intel and AMD are two companies that make CPUs.  
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CPU features all the time:

CPU + cache memory: 

The cache is a small memory that is the space of the CPU.  Access the CPU early memory that time.  

Cache memory retrieves information from the main memory and this information is provided for CPU processing.

Cache memory which is the main memory behind it.  "There are three types of cache memory: - Level 1 (L1), Level 2 (L2), Level 3 (L3).

L1 which is smaller than L2 and faster.  Time L2 as long as it is shorter and faster than L3.

Core of CPU: 

The CPU has very similar cores.  And using them must work in parallel.  Courses specify the development of computer system functionality (skills).

Each core has its own uniqueness and its own cache memory. 

A core core is essential and communication is essential.

CPU velocity: 

The speed of the CPU is measured in GHz (GHz) or MHz (MHz).  See what watts (hertz) is the unit of frequency.

It is possible to complete the work (task) faster than the higher the frequency of the CPU.

Multithreading in CPU: 

The reason for multithreading is that the CPU supports parallel processing.  In multithreading, each physical core of the CPU has two logical cores.  Working in parallel.

The speed of the whole process is increasing.

CPU + Bandwidth: 

A circuit is required to communicate from the CPU input / output device and memory such as: - Communicates via PCI card through PCI slot and USB devices from USB controllers such as: - House, keyboard, printer etc.

The speed of communication is what we call bandwidth.  And every CPU is different in bandwidth.  The higher the CPU, the higher the bandwidth.  And at least the cores will cost less.

Why AMD processor bandwidth is higher than Intel.

CPU functions: 

It has 4 main function: 

  • Receive:Each notification memory has the address of Store Road and Inca.  This address is fetching notifications from the processor.

  • Decode:These instructions were then decoded in binary code when the CPU was instructed.

  • Activate:Then activate the processor.

  • Store:The result will be received after implementation and it is given in the memory store.

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