What is data storage||what is the type of data storage?

What is data storage? and what is the type of data storage?

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Methods of computer data storage: 

Data storage is very important so that you can use it anytime when needed. In the business world, it is very important to keep the data, which can also be in the form of important information, such as personal information of working people, customer information, information about your business, bank information, projects information , And much more. For this reason, all this information is kept using some tools.

Let us know their types and they can be called istamal.

 types of data storage: 

  1. Main storage [primary storage]
  2. Secondary storage

Main storage [primary data storage]: 
  • Like RAM [random access memory] and RAM it exists inside your computer or laptop and is very volatile and it keeps your data as long as your system [SYSTEM] is open and full information as soon as it is closed She also goes away. Like you have been looking for colleges for a long time. Top btech colleges in chennai or btech colleges in chennai. So the next time you find something similar, it shows you all the results like that.
  •  If you need any information and keep it for later, then you can download it and keep it in your hard drive [HARD DRIVE].
  •  Like if you want to download a song, you can download it and listen to it later, it will be present in your hard drive.

Secondary data storage: 
All these storage are not connected with the computer but it helps to store your data like downloaded your nata 2018 application form and now how to remove it. Secondary storage is used for this only.

Types of secondary storage [types of Secondary data storage]:
  • The floppy disk, first used and made of plastic, was manufactured in 1976. It has a capacity of about 44 MB and 2.88 MB.
  •  The optical disc [OPTIACL DISC] is circular. There are two types of CDs that are used to store data up to 700MB, such as pictures, document files, and other things less than 700 mb in size. DVDs that help you store more data, which has a capacity of more than 4 .7 GB.
  •  Pen Drive, which is used to store maximum information, has a capacity of 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB.

Through PenDrive, you can keep the data with you for some time [Temporary data storage] and you can take the data with you anywhere. Can send data from one system to another. Can be taken with you. From this you can delete the data at any time and insert other data. When the data is low, the data that is not useful can be deleted and filled in.

Cloud storage [Cloud storage] Through this, if there is less space in your system, you can store your data in the online server and can download it back anytime. But for this you need to have an account on an online server.

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