What is p-MOS, n-MOS, c-MOS?

What is p-MOS, n-MOS, c-MOS? 

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Mos logic (What is Mos Logic?): 

In MOSFETs (MOSFET) power is rarely used and it occupies very little space on the wafer due to which they are used very much for logic circuits.

The following are other reasons for using MOSFETs in logic circuits simultaneously: -

1. MOSFETs can be used as both amplifiers and load resistors.  Therefore, normal load resistor
(RL) is not required when using them.

2. These devices require very less space, so more circuits can be installed on the wafer.

3. Enhancement type mosfet is used more than depletion type MOSFET.  Because enhancement can be ON or OFF with MOSFET supply and single polarity is sufficient for them.
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 p-MOS, n-MOS, c-MOS: 

The logic circuit is classified based on the type of MOSFET used in the circuit.  Circuit using p-MOS logic and n-channel mosfet using p-channel mosfet is called n-MOS logic.

P-channel and n-channel MOS devices can also be fabricated (manufactured) on the same chip.  These devices are called c-MOS (complementary MOSFETs).  And the logic based on these devices is called CMOS logic.
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Although CMOS is slower than other logic families, but power expenditure in CMOS logic is very low no matter the output is high or low.  Therefore it is used very much in circuits.

characteristics of CMOS: 

Its properties are as follows: 

  • The power expenditure in this is very less.
  • It operates over the range of supply voltage (3 V to 18 V). 
  • Their packing density is high ie CMOS devices take very little space on the chip.  Therefore many other functions can also be fabricated on the common chip. 
  • CMOS logic is widely used in medium speed logic circuits.

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