Cathod Ray Ociloscope , what is CRO?

Cathod Ray Ociloscope : -

(hello friends!  Today in this article I will tell you about Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (What is Cathode Ray Oscilloscope?) And we will also learn its applications so let’s get started)

Cathode Ray Oscilloscope : -  

CRO full form :   cathod ray oscilloscope. 

The Cathode Ray Oscilloscope is a type of electrical device used to obtain the correct time and appropriate measurements of voltage signals. 

In other words, "Cathode ray oscilloscope is a device commonly used in the laboratory to display, measure and analyze various waves of electrical circuits."

CRO of electrical signals that change over time.  Provides visual display. 

The CRO is a very fast X-Y plotter in which the cathode rays act as a pencil and the coating of a fluorescent substance on the screen of the CRO acts as a sheet on which a plot or graph is formed.

When the cathode rays hit the fluorescent screen, a bright spot is created on the screen.  A normal CRO uses horizontal input which is a ramp voltage. 

It is also called time base or saw tooth voltage.  This voltage drives the bright spot on the screen in a horizontal direction.  CRO is given a vertical input voltage. 

This is the voltage that we see on the screen or which we have to analyze, on which the wavelengths of the signals from very small (frequency) to very high frequency can be seen. 

In CRO all graphs are generated on the screen of a tube called cathode ray tube (CRT).

Block Diagram CRO: -

The block diagram of the CRO has the following main parts : 
Block diagram CRO

1. Cathode ray tube 
2. Vertical amplifier 
3. Time base generator 
4. Horizontal amplifier 
5. Power supply

Cathode Ray Tube :

CRT is like the heart of a Cathode Ray oscilloscope.  A picture of it is given below.

CRT consists of the following three main parts, which are: 
Diagram : CRO. 

  • Electron gun 
  • Deflecting system 
  • Fluorescent screen 
  • Focusing system. 
  • Base. 
  • Phosphorus screen. 

electron gun produces a fast and focused beam of electron, beam when high velocity and energy  When the fluorescent hits the screen, a luminous spot is created on the screen, after the electron comes out of the gun, the beam passes between two pairs of electrostatic deflection plates.  

Beam deflection occurs when voltage is applied to these plates.  The voltage applied on one plate deflects the beam in the horizontal direction and the voltage applied on the other plate deflects the beam in the vertical direction.  These two motions of the beam depend on each other so the beam can be fixed in any part of the screen.

CRO uses : -

  1. It can display many types of wave-forms. 
  2. It can measure short time interval. 
  3. it can measure potential difference.  

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