IP ADDRESS (Internet Protocol address)

IP ADDRESS (Internet Protocol address) 

The full (ip address full form) name of the IP address is the Internet Protocol address.  We can understand the Internet Protocol address in the following way: We all have an address where we live, similarly every computer that is connected to the internet has a unique address which we IP ADDRESS (IP address)  They say. 

Through the IP address, we are able to identify any(ip address traker) computer easily and these computers which are connected to the internet are called host.  An IP address is a 32 bit numeric address. It is a four-digit number that ranges from 0 to 255.  

ip address Example. is an IP address.
IP ADDRESS (Internet Protocol address)

Types of ip addresses:-

There are two types of IP addresses

1).Static IP address:-

The addresses that never change, they always remain the same, are called static IP addresses.

2).Dynamic IP Address: -

These addresses are always changing, these addresses are called temporary whenever a computer or device accesses the internet, then it gets a new IP address.  

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