Transformer types (types of transformers)

Transformer types (types of transformers):

Transformers types : - the transformers are of different types depending on the Arregment of the transformers core  and transformers winding as follows :-

Transformers :

  • Core type transformers. 
  • Shell type transformers. 
  • Berry type transformers. 

Classification of transformers : -

Classification of transformers on the basis number of phase construction, voltage and application as shown in diagram. 
 Diagram : classification of transformers

Core type transformers : -

Construction :
The construction of core type transformers is shown in diagram. 
Diagram : core type transformers. 

The core of transformers in the form of rectangular frame made from lamination. 

It provides a single magnetic circuit as shown in diagram. 

The primary and secondary windings are uniformly distributed on to limbs of the core. 

The winding (diagram) are of cylinderical shape and they are arrenged in a concentric manner with the low voltage winding placed near the core. 

Shell type transformers : -

Construction :
Diagram shown the construction of a shell type transformers. 
Diagram : shell type transformers. 

The primary and secondary windings are placed on the central limbs of the core. 

The high voltage and low voltage windings are of sandwich type, which are in the form of Interleved puncture. 

This type of core provide double magnetic circuit. 

This type of core provides better mechanical support and protection of windings. 

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