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Types of computer (computer types) :-

Technically, we can divide computers into two parts.  The first type of computers is called analog computer and the second type of computers is called digital computer.  At present, the development of analog computers has almost stopped and now digital computers are in trend. 

To understand digital computers easily, we can divide them into four different types of computer :-

5 types of computer :- 

  1. Microcomputer 
  2. Mini Computer 
  3. Mainframe Computer 
  4. Supercomputer
  5. Hybrid computer

Types of computer with picture. 

1).Micro computer :-

Micro computer.

The development of microcomputer was done in 1970.  They were called microcomputers due to the presence of micro processors.  Computers with this technology are small in size, cheap in price, and superior in capacity.  So far, the personal computers that we use fall under the category of micro computers.

The first successful computer in the microcomputer was PC XT. 

In which 8088 microprocessor was used.  In this, 64 kilobytes (KB) of RAM i.e. primary memory and 10 megabytes (MB) hard disk could be used.  Later, its ability to use memory became one megabyte.  

Floppy disks were also used in this computer.  Whose storage capacity was up to 180 - 360 kilobytes.  PC-AT After PC XT, PC-AT started trending and it came into the computer market in 1985.  

It was more powerful than before and 16 bit theory was used in it.  Whereas 8 bit theory was used in extreme computers.  

The following computers in the series of PC - AT have come on the market till date 

  • PC - AT 286
  • PC - AT 386
  • PC - AT 386 - DX 
  • PC - AT 486 
  • PC - AT 486 - DX  
  • Pentium-4i

2).mini computer :-

Mini computer.

Micro computers are followed by mini computers. 

These computers are smaller than mainframe computers and larger than personal computers. 

These computers are used by big companies and they are considered reliable.

These microcomputers are very expensive in price.  Therefore, it is not possible to use them individually.

3).mainframe computer: -

Mainframe computer

The processing power of mainframe computers is much higher than mini computers.  And they are used in scientific work or in the context of data processing by very large trading companies.  Many people can do different tasks simultaneously on this computer.  

4).super computer : -

Super computer.

NASA SIT 1100 sgi super computer is more powerful than computers yet created and it is used in meteorology and astronomy in our country.  Name of the organization making supercomputers in our countryIs "sidak".  This institution has created the world's most powerful supercomputer named Param-10,000.  

The data processing of super computer is so fast that it takes trillions of calculations in a second.  Today our country also comes in the category of super computer making countries.

Hybrid computer :-

Hybrid computer.

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