What is ISA bus? ISA bus Architecture.

What is ISA bus? ISA bus architecture. 

In this post, we will tell you what is ISA bus And its history and its architecture, so let's start. 

What is ISA bus?

ISA full form - Industry standard architecture. (Industry Standard Architecture).  

It is a computer bus through which additional expansion cards can be connected to the computer's motherboard. It is also called PC / AT - bus.

It was developed at IBM in 1981 by a scientist named Mark Dean.  

It was developed for IBM's intel 8088 microprocessor.  

When the ISA bus was first built, it was an 8-bit computer bus.  

Which was made as 16-bit in 1984. 16-bit ISA bus was also used with 32-bit processors. But it could not be successful. In 1990, the PCI local bus replaced the ISA and replaced it with the PCI bus.

Nowadays PCI, AGP and other slots are used in all computers.

In 1993, intel and microsoft proposed a new version of ISA called plug and play (PnP) ISA UT.  

The PnP ISA bus Th GRI computer automatically detects and setup ISA peripherals (eg: modem, or sound cards).
What is ISA bus? ISA bus architecture.

ISA bus architecture:-

ISA bus architecture is like a base of a computer. 8-bit ISA bus is used in single user system with 80386 and 80486 processors. It consists of 24 address lines and 16 data lines.  

It operates at 8 MHz. And it requires 2 to 8 clock cycles of data transfer.  

GET HRT peripherals uth- disk controller, printer, and scanner can be connected with the ISA bus.

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