What is MCB? Working, types, function, rating, full form.

(MCB) Miniature Circuit Breaker.

In today's post, we will tell you about MCB, what is MCB, how does it MCB working. MCB function, MCB rating, MCB full form and MCB types. Let's start.

What is a MCB? 

(MCB) Miniature Circuit Breaker

MCB is an electrical circuit. Electrical MCB or MCB electrical which automatically turns off when power is low or overload, short circuit, line fault. So that there is no damage to the electrical machine or electrical tools. Also, do not harm anyone. MCB full form for Miniature Circuit Breaker.

A miniature circuit breaker is an automatically functioning circuit. Short or overload, the power that is turned off automatically when there is a short circuit. Prior to MCB, fuses were widely used. But the fuse had several drawbacks as this fuse was not secure. 

Fuse could not recognize any problems. Because of which electrical equipment used to go bad. The fuse never closes automatically when there is a short circuit.

If the same thing happens with the MCB, its key key is automatically locked.

The current supply automatically turns on when the key is on again. You can also operate MCB manually. And there is no security risk as well. It is completely untouched.

The MCB costs more than the fuse. MCB is very expensive.

MCB working:-

The main two types of speed method in MCB

1. Overload effect. Overload 

2. Electromagnetic effect 

Overload effect - In overload effect, when the current flowing through the bimetallic strip, the current is flowing too much for a long time. The bimetallic strip is folded automatically due to the heat, by turning it, the mechanical latch is loosened which is connected to the operating system, it opens the circuit and the current that is going through the MCB. Stops and this whole process is called the overload effect We know the whole process as overload effect.

Short Circuit - The current comes to its peak at the time of short circuit due to which the submarine receives electromagnetic effect and vibrates from its place, while the submarine is connected to the culvert and tripping cuckoo MCB. And the submarine that moves is very fast, due to which the kundi. Open immediately and the current that is coming stops, and the circuit closes. We know this whole process as short circuit.

MCB function: -

If any abnormalities are found in the MCB electrical circuit, it immediately disconnects the circuit from the power supply.  If there is a fault in the circuit due to which the electric current is spreading more.

For example, in the case of over load and short circuit, the current flowing through the circuit is much higher than the normal situation.  Such condition automatically binds the MCB electrical power supply.

According to the law of nature, the person who exists has to be destroyed.  The condition of the fuse is similar today.  Fuses of some type were used in the protection of electrical circuits, today the MCB has replaced it.

Industrial and domestic two places where fuses used to be before, but today MCB is seen there.  Because the reliability and gain of the MCB is more than the fuse, these changes are beneficial.

MCB types:-

There are three types of MCBs which are based on the fluctuations coming from it.  

In case of type 

  • B type 
  • C type 
  • D type 

B type MCB, if the current passes at the rate of 20 to 30 then it stops.  

This B type MCB is used in homes. In MC type of C type, if the current is 50 to 100

In MC type B, if the current passes at the rate of 20 to 30, it stops.  

This B type MCB is used in homes. In case of MCB of C type, the current will be closed at the rating of 50 to 100, then it will be closed. This type of MCB is used in both domestic and industrial.  

D type MCB will be closed if current rate of 100 to 200 flows. 

This type of MCB is used only for industrial use such as x ray machine, welding machine, 3ite 3R industrial use which use huge amount of electricity.

Advantages of MCB :-

1) .MCB is easily known in which place the fault has occurred or in which area. 

2).MCB can be easily turned on . 

3).(Fuse) catches the power of electricity more quickly. 

4).There are very few expenses to fix MCB.  

Disadvantages of MCB 

1) MCB is more expensive than fuse.

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