What is RAM &types of RAM?

What is RAM &types of RAM? 

(Today we will read in this post what is RAM (what is RAM?) And two types of RAM  (types of RAM)? (RAM and ROM) I will tell you about its advantage and disadvantage in very simple language, so let's start,) 

What is RAM:
What is RAM &types of RAM?

The full name of RAM is random access memory (random access memory), a hardware device located in a computer that temporarily stores data.  (temporarlly means it only stores data for some time.

RAM is also called main memory, primary memory or system memory.  It is sometimes also called read-write memory.  Through RAM, the computer randomly accesses the data so that the computer can work very fast.  CDs and hard drives have access to the data sequence due to which they slow down.

RAM is a volatile memory and power is required to access its data. If the computer is turned off, all the data in RAM will be lost (lost).  If the computer is rebooted then the operating system and other files are loaded again by the hard disk in R.A.M.  It is located in the motherboard and does the work of read and write at the same time.  Its read and write speed is much faster than other storage devices.  And RAM memory is measured in bytes (GB, MB).

Advantages of RAM:

Its benefits are as follows

  1. It increases the speed (speed) of the computer system, the higher the ram, the higher the speed of the system.  
  2. CPU can read data faster from RAM.  (Compared to hard disk, CD, DVD, FLOPPY DISK and USB) 
  3. It has very less use of power which increases the battery life, 
  4. It does not have any moving parts ie no parts of it move.  is .  
  5. It can write and erase operations.

Disadvantages of RAM:

Its disadvantages are the following: 

  1. The RAM in the computer is less because each bit of its cost is very high, 
  2. It is volatile, ie it cannot store data forever, 3: - It would be very expensive.  is .  
  3.  It is slower than CPU cache.

Types of RAM:

It is mainly of two types which are as follows: 1. SRAM 

What is SRAM:

The full name of SRAM is static random access memory (static random access memory), it requires a constant power to function.  Due to continuous power, it does not need to be refreshed.  SRAM uses many abstract transistors for each memory cell but does not have a capacitor for each cell.  Nowadays it is used in cache memory and registers.  It was discovered in the 1990s and is used in digital cameras, routers, printers and LCD screens.

advantage of SRAM  
 its advantages: 

  1. It is much faster than DRAM. 
  2. It does not need to be refreshed. 
  3. It is used to create cache.  
  4. It requires medium power.   

disadvantages of SRAM 
 its disadvantages; 

  1. It is more expensive than DRAM.  
  2. It is volatile when there is no power, then its data is lost. 
  3. Its storage capacity is less, 
  4. Its design is very complex (difficult).

What is DRAM :

DRAM's full name is dynamic random access memory.  It needs a refresh power to work.  And it has transistor and capacitor for memory cell, it was built in the 1970s and is used in video game consoles, networking hardware, and system memory etc.  

advantage of DRAM 
its advantages: 
1. It is cheaper as compared to SRAM.  
2. Its memory cell structure is very simple. 
3. Its size is very small.

Disadvantage of DRAM 
1. Its speed is very low compared to SRAM. 
2. When the power is lost, its data ends.  
3. It has more power consumption.

difference between RAM and ROM:

This is a volatile memory. 
Store data or information temporary.  
It is very fast but it uses a lot of power, 
it stores the data in MB, 
it is used for normal operation. 
Its chip size is increased from ROM, 
it is of two types - static and dynamic. 
It needs power to access the data.

non - volatile
Keeps the data permanently stored.
ROM is faster but less than RAM, and it uses less power.
Stored data in GB. 
It is used for the initial process of computer.
Its chip size is small.  
It does not require power to access data.

history of RAM  (History of RAM):

In earlier computers relays, mechanical counters or delay lines were used for main memory work, the first random access memory was created in 1947. 

Its name was william tube, it used CRT (cathode ray tube), the other RAM was also made in 1947.  

Which was named magnetic core memory.  The name of RAM that is used nowadays - solid state memory. 

It was first developed by Robert Dennard in 1968, 

How much RAM do we need? 
It depends on which type of application and program you are about to run in the computer.  And how many programs are you going to run at one time. 

To understand this, you have to understand the system requirements. 

You need double the RAM than the system required.  Its general requirements are as follows: 
minimum (lowest): 2 GB 
Recommended: 4-6 GB
 Excellent (afat): 8 GB or more.  
If you want to play big games in computer then you need RAM from 16 to 24gb. 

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